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Cyber Rights

by webmaster last modified 2006-10-29 06:50 PM

Your Rights in Cyberspace

This field is rapidly changing. Cyber-rights includes a wide range of topics, including Internet filtering/blocking software, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), electronic privacy, on-line anonymity and "fair use" copyright law, to name a few. We suggest you explore the web sites of these organizations fighting to protect your rights in the Digital Age:

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)


On-Line Anonymity --See our section on Free Speech. On-line anonymity , guaranteed by the first amendment, is under attack. Those who use their e-mail addresses on-line are vulnerable to having their identity disclosed by their ISP. The use of anonymous remailers improves anonymity, but results in a higher incidence of "lost" messages. For those with particularly sensitive information or extreme paranoia, encrypting messages and sending them through multiple remailers provides added security.

On-line Defamation--CyberSLAPP --This listing of cases and other info dealing with on-line defamation also addresses the anonymity of on-line speakers (John Does).

Off-Campus Student Computer Use --We've created a page on this site that addresses this hot issue affecting many school districts nationwide.

Linking --If you create a web site, be careful about the type of linking you use, as some types might violate copyright law.

Employee Privacy Rights --Ever wonder if you have any right to privacy while using your computer at work? Most companies notify employees that their computer use is monitored, and in such cases no right to privacy seems to exist. This article sums up the current situation.

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