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Protecting your rights is serious business. Time for a laugh or two.


Does Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence?  We think so.   Judge for yourself.

How to spice up an otherwise dull subject.   The creators of the Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics may be on to something.

Groucho Marx defending his free speech rights.  Read about the fun he had with Warner Brothers while finishing his 1946 movie "A Night in Casablanca".

Students doing what students do best--poking fun at authority and institutions, even the most prestigious ones--the Phillips Andover parody web site.

When President Bush choked on a pretzel,  most people weren't aware that it could have been prevented.

Not my job.  This classic photo says it all.

The MIT Hack Gallery.   Gotta hand it to them--those MIT students know how to play pranks.  Documented for posterity here.

Pope beautifies Mother Theresa?  That's what the headline said. CBS News corrected their faux-pas a few minutes after we managed to mirror the page.  Was this an honest mistake, or was someone at CBS having fun with the headline?

Dan Quayle is famous for his misstatements, and in particular for misspelling the word "potato" during the election of 1992.  Here's a challenge: can you find the error in his current biography? (hint: he used a spellchecker, so the error isn't one of spelling--instead, he used the wrong word).


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