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E-Mail From One NH Resident

by webmaster last modified 2006-11-19 06:03 PM

We've heard from many New Hampshire homeowners who have read our page on 4th amendment rights and home inspections, but this one made us laugh


First, this e-mail:

"Dear HB-Rights,

Thanks for making this information available. We found your site after receiving a rather threatening letter from our selectmen regarding our refusal to allow their property tax assessor inside our home. The information on your website will help us deal with this situation."

And then, several days later, a second e-mail:

"Here's our situation:

Mid-June '03 - Assessor from Avitar Assoc. shows up at our house. I refuse her entry but answer a ton of questions. TRUTHFULLY, I might add.

June 27th - we get a letter from selectmen saying that unless we allow their rep inside our home we'll get a "high end" assessment.

June 27th - we find your website.

June 30th - I go to the town office and chew up the town clerk. I tell her that we will allow Avitar to assess UNDER PROTEST and only because we have been threatened with an unfair assessment. And we were afraid of losing our right to appeal (which we would never have known about had it not been for your site.)

July 2 - My Letter to Ed. published in local paper protesting tactics and questioning constitutionality of RSA. Your site is quoted and the URL is published.

July 3 - Letters sent to Selectmen, and state reps and senator and Gov. Council stating our position and including copies of threatening letter from Selectmen.

July 4 - Drink Sam Adams Ale and think about the Bill of Rights."


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