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Feedback [1%] by webmaster, 2007-11-24 02:53 PM
Here's what some visitors to the web site have written:
The Equal Access Act and Ashley Irvine [1%] by webmaster, 2006-11-07 08:08 PM
Humor [1%] by webmaster, 2004-03-29 11:35 PM
Colleges and Universities That Have Visited Our Site [1%] by webmaster, 2003-12-02 08:03 PM
Listing of colleges and universities that have visited the web site
K-12 School Visitors to Our Site [1%] by webmaster, 2003-11-30 08:46 PM
This page provides an alphabetical listing of public school districts, private schools or other K-12 organizations that have visited our site.
Student rallies for peace [1%] by webmaster, 2003-09-28 07:24 AM
Oops...They Did It Again! [1%] by webmaster, 2003-05-13 07:31 PM Web Site Reaches 20,000 Hits [1%] by webmaster, 2003-05-11 09:43 PM
May 10, 2003 -- Today, just three months after being launched, the HB-Rights web site reached a milestone of sorts, surpassing 20,000 hits. Visitors have come ...
Three cheers for Ashley; boos for school administration [1%] by webmaster, 2003-05-02 09:20 PM
Letter to the Editor, reprinted from Hollis Brookline Journal, November 23, 2001
A difficult task [1%] by webmaster, 2003-05-02 09:18 PM
Editorial reprinted from the Hollis Brookline Journal, October 19, 2001
Legal Disclaimer [1%] by webmaster, 2003-04-26 07:37 AM
Contact Us [1%] by webmaster, 2003-04-26 07:30 AM Launched [1%] by webmaster, 2003-05-11 07:30 AM
February 2, 2003 -- The web site was officially launched today. The non-profit, public-interest site is intended to inform individuals of their ...
Free Speech [1%] by webmaster, 2007-12-03 10:56 PM
Perhaps the single most important element of American democracy, our free speech rights are guaranteed by the First Amendment.
Property Rights [1%] by webmaster, 2012-01-08 02:50 PM
Private property rights are embodied in the US constitution, yet cases abound where government oversteps or abuses its authority.
Local Issues [1%] by webmaster, 2006-11-05 09:05 AM
Issues relevant to the residents of Hollis and Brookline, New Hampshire
Hollis Brookline Middle School Violates the First Amendment [1%] by webmaster, 2007-12-01 06:28 PM
The Hollis Brookline Middle School violated the free speech rights of an 8th grade honor student in November 2001 when it demanded, under threat of punishment, ...
Lord's Prayer in NH Elementary Schools [1%] by webmaster, 2003-11-22 10:34 AM
A NH state law in effect since 1975 authorizes the recitation of the Lord's Prayer in New Hampshire's public elementary schools, violating the separation of ...
No Praise on Appraisal [1%] by webmaster, 2006-11-11 06:59 PM
Letter to the Editor, Hollis Brookline Journal, March 29, 2002
Assessments [1%] by webmaster, 2006-11-12 01:06 PM
Reprinted from the Hollis Brookline Journal, May 3, 2002
Hollis Brookline Schools and the PPRA [1%] by webmaster, 2003-09-16 07:41 PM
The Hollis Brookline school district has apparently failed to comply with the requirement that parents be notified of their rights under the PPRA.
Hollis Brookline Schools and FERPA [1%] by webmaster, 2004-05-01 05:45 PM
The Hollis Brookline school district apparently finds it difficult to comply with the intent of FERPA legislation that parents be provided "effective annual ...
Response From Superintendent [1%] by webmaster, 2003-01-05 12:41 AM
Letter postmarked "May 1, 2002", stating the SAU #41 school district policy regarding FERPA notification.
Did the On-Line Directory Violate Copyright Law? [1%] by webmaster, 2003-05-02 09:22 PM
Dr. Ruth Stays in the Middle School Library [1%] by webmaster, 2003-11-17 10:32 PM
On February 4, 2003, the Hollis-Brookline Coop School Board voted 6-0 to allow the book "Dr. Ruth Talks to Kids About Sex" to remain in the Middle School ...
School Board OKs Dr. Ruth Sex Book [1%] by webmaster, 2003-02-09 03:11 PM
By Vincent Gerbino
Fourth Amendment Rights Regarding Home Inspections [1%] by webmaster, 2011-10-02 10:45 AM
A NH state law (RSA) is being used to intimidate homeowners into allowing interior inspections of their homes by tax assessors, even though the right to refuse ...
An Interview with Dr. Phillip Smith [1%] by webmaster, 2008-01-01 03:47 PM
Q&A with Dr. Phillip Smith, lead plaintiff in Smith v. Ayotte, the federal lawsuit to stop New Hampshire's unconstitutional home inspections
Letter Asking Legislator for Support [1%] by webmaster, 2006-11-12 09:30 PM
What the NH Dept. of Justice Said About Smith v. Ayotte [1%] by webmaster, 2007-12-01 06:38 PM
Read their misleading and factually inaccurate case summary, reprinted from the NH Dept. of Justice Biennial Report, 2004-2005.

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